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For over a decade, Rose McGowan had a lengthy career as an actress and is perhaps best known for her work on the TV series Charmed (2001-2006). In 2014, McGowan took her talents behind the camera. She now works tirelessly as a director, artist, and activist.

I developed the brand design and website development. The website houses a comprehensive and organized digitizing and cataloging of archived materials of McGowan’s life and career. A content marketing strategy was created and implemented for social media platforms and the website itself is optimized for search engines. Brand Guidelines Logo Submarks is an international community of film lovers, web geeks, and feminists supporting Rose McGowan’s endeavors in film, the arts, and as an activist. This is her official fansite since 2007 and essentially an online Rose McGowan museum.

Rose McGowan is making a conscious effort to dismantle the status quo and make an impact on the film industry and society. She is working furiously to push her #RoseArmy which promotes thought, art, dreams, and the sharing of battles.

The identity of the brand was meant to clearly reflect the passionate activist that Rose McGowan is. The mood board was created from a stark, powerful, photoshoot of Rose – sporting a shaved head and vivid colors. The logo features a strong gender neutral hand grasping a rose. The rose is meant to be seen as a symbol of grabbing your power from within.

The first impression of the website is meant to have an immediate artistic punch but still be welcoming as Rose McGowan invites anyone to join her mission. The design was well received by fans of the website and Rose McGowan herself!

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