Meet Micah

Hello ladybells!

I’m the gal behind She Does Branding. I started this company to serve as a resource for like-minded savvy business women who want to dominate their brand on the web. Your online presence should be consistent, memorable, and defining. Your brand can be your company or even the personal image you want to depict online. It goes beyond just having a website. It’s your tone. It’s your reputation. It’s you.

I’ll teach you how to get organized, leverage online marketing, and use your own resources to maintain your image online. You’ll learn the fundamental tools needed to grow your brand substantially. Learn how to create value, grow your audience, and increase your profits!

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything, but I know a helluva lot about building a brand! From graphic design, web development, to social media, content marketing, and running a business on my own; I’ve learned a lot through school, work, trial, and error.

My path is not the norm, but it’s what has allowed me to gain so much knowledge in so many areas of digital marketing. I am in love with branding, online marketing, and strong women. That is why I believe my purpose is to inspire fellow business babes to take ownership of their brand and boost it to the highest heights!

Inspiring, educating, and connecting with fellow business babes are what my dreams are made of.

Micah McAllister Autograph